About the
Virtual Cards project

The site of virtual cards is a noncommercial project of Cherry-Design web-studio.
While creating of this site I didn't want to get a profit. The project has been
made with all my heart. And it's very important that I use only the
author's works for creating those cards! And I promisе
that this rule will be kept always.

If you are a professional in photography or painting, I have a proposal for you.
Why not join our efforts? Your design works can be converted into fine cards. If you agree
to help me in the creation of new cards, I would be so grateful. Write me at the address
cherry-design(at) and describe shortly your offer. Please don't send large photos in
quantities via email. Just put the small copies of your photos or pictures
on any site and send me the link. In the alternative you can
send 2 or 3 small photos at the above address.

All rights on the pictures used for cards creation belong to their authors. The author's
email address or link to his/her home page will be published. However if the
author wants, such information will not be free-for-all.

Please send me your offers and comments in regard to the Virtual Cards
Project at cherry-design(at) I'm very glad to see you at this small place
of the fabulous Net. And I hope this site afforded
some pleasure to you.

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