Some words on how to
compose a card

First of all you have to choose the card. You can do it at first page of the site by handling
different categories (the list of categories is in the left column). Besides
you can try your luck and select a card at random way.

Then just click on chosen card and you'll get to the composing page. You will be able to
enter the recipient's name and your message. Please be sure that the email address
is correct. If it's wrong the recipient will not get your card or a wrong person
will read your message, and it would be a pity. So please check if all
email addresses (including your) are correct, especially
if you would like to receive

Also you can choose the color scheme for your card (background color and colors
of header, message and footer). It's possible to use one of the schemes
we have made for you.

By the way, while you compose the card you can click on a miniature in the
left upper corner of the screen. In result the separate window
will open, and you can see the fullsize image.

If all well done then click on the "Preview" bottom and you will see
the final version of your card. What do you think about it?
Are your satisfied? If yes then click on the "Send"
button. Otherwise you can continue

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